Ucsf Bargaining Agreement

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) recently announced a new bargaining agreement with its labor union, AFSCME Local 3299. This agreement covers thousands of service and patient care workers at UCSF, including custodians, food service workers, and administrative support staff.

The new agreement includes several important provisions, including wage increases, improved job security, and expanded benefits. One key feature is a $15 minimum wage for all workers, which will help to ensure that the lowest-paid employees are able to make ends meet.

Other important provisions of the agreement include increased funding for training and professional development, improved healthcare coverage, and greater protections against workplace discrimination and harassment. The agreement also includes a commitment to increase diversity and inclusion throughout UCSF`s workforce.

Overall, this new bargaining agreement is a positive step forward for workers at UCSF. It demonstrates a commitment to fair and equitable treatment for all employees, and it recognizes the important contributions made by service and patient care workers to the success of the university.

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Ucsf Bargaining Agreement