Iet Agreement Airlines

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IET Agreement Airlines: Understanding the Benefits of Interline Electronic Ticketing

In the world of airline travel, interline electronic ticketing or IET has revolutionized the way airlines handle ticket sales and passenger transactions. IET, also known as interline e-ticketing, is an agreement between airlines that enables customers to travel on multiple airlines using a single electronic ticket. Such agreements are also called Interline Electronic Ticketing Agreements (IETAs) or Interline Ticketing Agreements (ITAs).

IET agreements allow airlines to issue electronic tickets for onward travel with partner airlines, without the need for a paper ticket. This means that passengers can purchase and receive a single electronic ticket for their entire journey, even if their itinerary involves multiple airlines. IET agreements also make it possible for airlines to share passenger information, streamline booking processes, and handle baggage transfers more efficiently.

Benefits of IET Agreement Airlines

1. Consolidated ticketing: With an IET agreement, passengers can book and purchase tickets for multiple airlines using a single electronic ticket. This provides them with a seamless travel experience, as they don`t need to worry about coordinating multiple paper tickets.

2. Enhanced connectivity: With IET agreements, airlines can offer passengers more travel options and routes. This means that passengers can book flights to multiple destinations on different airlines, all on a single electronic ticket.

3. Simplified transactions: IET agreements streamline ticketing transactions, as airlines can share passenger data with each other. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing airlines to save time and reduce costs.

4. Faster baggage transfers: IET agreements enable airlines to track and transfer baggage more efficiently, making it easier for passengers to travel with multiple airlines. This also reduces the risk of lost or delayed baggage.

5. Increased revenue: IET agreements can help airlines increase revenue by offering more travel options to passengers. This boosts customer loyalty, as passengers are more likely to book with partner airlines that offer a seamless and convenient travel experience.


Interline Electronic Ticketing has essentially transformed the airline industry. IET agreements have made it possible for passengers to travel with multiple airlines using a single electronic ticket, improving the overall travel experience. This is beneficial for both airlines and passengers, as it simplifies transactions, increases revenue, and provides passengers with more travel options. Therefore, airlines that have IET agreements generally have a competitive edge over those that don`t have such agreements.

Iet Agreement Airlines